Exhibition The Smallest Art of Father Benedikt Vladimír Holota

Dear friends of our gallery,

on monday the sixth of September at 6 o´clock PM we will open an exhibition The Smallest Art by Father Benedikt Vladimír Holota. After the exhibition The Most Humble Art, we are going to exhibit a creation of artist, which, like Fra Angelico, wanted to imprint prints of spiritual life by creating images in different occasions, different circumstances and using different techniques. There will be aquarelles, drawings and paintings, which are not unified by the theme, however they are unified by a secret, which will diligent watcher see. The exhibition will last until the 21st of November 2010.

About the author:
Vladimír Benedikt Holota (* 5th of August 1922) is czech catholic priest and Franciscan monk, also writer, publicist and much sought for confessor. He also organizes spiritual exercising. In the fifties was arrested, came through concentration cloisters and forced labor. Nowadays asigned in convent by the Church of Virgin Mary Snow in Prague.